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Dr John Keet

      Dr John Keet is one of London's most experienced medical professionals in General and Geriatric Medicine with an emphasis on diagnosis and management. He has worked for 40 years in the Harley Street Medical Area in the heart of London.

Dr John Keet practices at a CQC registered facility in a heritage building at 9 Upper Wimple St W1G 6LJ which contains his waiting rooms ground floor, and consulting room as well as his family accommodation and offices. 


In addition to his private practice, NHS experience 23 years full-time NHS teaching consultant. Dr John Keet is in much demand from the NHS. He is only able to assist the NHS with short term contracts fitted around his independent medical practice commitments. He has worked thus in multiple appointments over at least 30 NHS health care trusts from Balfour Hospital  in Orkney to Truro Hospital in Cornwall. ('Lands end to john o Groats') including teaching hospitals.


Dr John Keet works to  continue the sophisticated and capable care of his fellow consultants, junior doctors, and professionals allied to medicine at these health care trusts. Patients and fellow doctors alike commend Dr Keet's personable care,  detail oriented practice, and his invaluable experience within both the NHS and private health sector. 


The Harley Street Medical Area (HSMA) is a collective of hospitals, clinics and specialists who deliver outstanding patient care through pioneering treatments and cutting edge technologies.


HSMA brings together a community of medical professionals who provide access to the best medical treatments and services in the world and are at the forefront of advancing global medical practices, right here in the city of London.

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