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In these times it is necessary that we feel informed about the latest Public Health safety guidelines. This page highlights the Covid-19 testing services provided by Dr Keet, and hopes to answer patient questions on emerging vaccine research . 

"I need a Covid-19 Test for travel or employment"
Normal PCR Swab Test

Request a swab test to detect if you are carrying the Covid-19 virus particles.  This test detects genetic material of the virus using a lab technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR)Test. Results are given within 12 hours from a UKAS accredited laboratory. 

COST: £95

Rapid Point of Care Swab Test

Rapid Covid-19 swab tests results can be given almost immediately (minutes) with patient present using a 2 x 8cm cassette. It is very specific, but not as sensitive as the laboratory test. 

COST: £25 

"I want to know my Covid status"

This tell you whether you have ; have had ; or are suffering with long Covid. 


This assessment includes not only an Antigen Test, but also a clinical assessment of your condition and any required laboratory testing. 

A comprehensive report can be given as well as a Covid passport for travel and employment purposes. 

Clinical Assessment + Antigen & Antibody Tests

COST: per rota, time based approx. £300 per hour. 

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